Private Swim Lessons are available year round, to children and adults of all ages. These lessons can be arranged to best suit your schedule throughout the week and weekend. An opening contract consists of four half-hour lessons. To arrange private swim lessons please contact the Assistant Aquatics Director, Kristin Neth, by email, , or leave a voicemail at (858)-271-6222 ext. 133.

Lessons are priced per half hour lesson, and is dependent on number of people in the lesson. An opening contract is a minimum of four half-hour lessons.


  • Private: $35 per half hour

  • Semi-Private with 2 people: $45 per half hour

  • Semi-Private with 3 people: $55 per half hour

  • $10 additional for every person added to semi-private lessons


  • Private: $50 per half hour

  • Semi-Private with 2 people: $60 per half hour

  • Semi-Private with 3 people: $70 per half hour

  • $10 additional for every person added to semi-private lessons

Private and semi-private swim lessons

Swimming with autism 

Head Swim Lesson Coordinator Kristin Neth & Lead Instructor Kati Ritter have been trained by Aqua Pros Swim School in Swimming With Autism. If you are interested in recieveing private lessons from either instructor, please contact Kristin Neth, Swim Lesson Coordinator at 858-271-6222 ext. 133 or for more information. 

Presale at Aviary Front Desk
Belian Ale glass $8
Beer & wine drink tickets $4
Long sleeve tshirts $18

 Sat, Oct, 5 * 4pm-9pm



Ages 2- 3 years

• For children with beginner skills that are enrolling in their very first swim lesson

• Focusing on breath control, kicks, supported floats, safety skills and water comfort.

Grunion I

Ages 3- 5 years

• For the beginner swimmer who is unsure in the water.

• Focusing on breath control, supported floats, kicking, safety skills and beginner swim stroke.

Grunion II

Ages 3- 5 years

• For the beginner swimmer who is comfortable in the water

• Focusing on more independent skills including crawl stroke, kicks, unsupported floats, glides and safety skills.

Shrimp I

Ages 4- 6 years

• For children at preschool age who are comfortable in the water and good swimmers but lack the knowledge of

swim strokes.  

• Focusing on improving technique of swim strokes and endurance

• Children should be able to swim 5 yards alone.

Shrimp II

Ages 4- 6 years

• For children with knowledge of swim strokes who wish to improve their endurance.

• Children should be able to swim a 15 yards independently at the beginning of Shrimp II.

• This level is comparable to the Seals level but is designed for younger children


Ages 6- 12 years

• This level is designed for older children that have some prior experience in the water but need help coordinating swim stroke and increasing endurance.

• This level is comparable to the Grunion II level but is designed for older children to increase their comfort in the water.


Ages 6- 12 years

• This level is designed for students who have passed the Seahorse level or Shrimp II level and/ or have the skill to swim the entire length of the pool comfotably.

• Focusing on wider range of swim strokes and techniques while increasing endurance.


Ages 6- 12 years

• This level is designed for swimmers that have passes the Seals level and/or can swim 25 yards.

• Focusing on stroke refinement and increasing their knowledge of swimming.

Dolphin & Swordfish

Ages 6-12 years

• This level is designed for swimmers that have passed the Stingrays level and/or can swim several lengths of the pool successfully and with good stroke technique.

• Focusing on endurance and detailed stroke refinement.


9:30 Vinyasa Flow with Domenica

9:30 Box, Kick and Sculpt with Heidi

5:00pm Total Body Strength w/ Gina



5:00pm Pilates with Heidi



8:30am Slow Yoga with Terri

9:30 Total Body Strength with Heidi

5:00pm Cardio, Core and More w/ Gina



8:30am Vickie

5:00pm Vinyasa Flow with Heidi



11:00am Vinyasa Flow w/ Jacqueline

Food Trucks

American Flavors, burgers & grilled cheese
Taco Picasso, variety of tacos 
Hunter Steakhouse, tri tip & pulled pork
Mahalo Shaved Ice

Pay trucks directly with cash or credit card.

"Club office charge" not available at food trucks.

Trucks offer vegitarian option. Price ranges $6-$15. 


4 Person Climbing Wall
4 Person Quad Pod
4 Person Wrecking Ball Game
5 Carnival Games
Giant 12 Person LED Fooseball Table
Henna Tattoo Artist
Hand Led Pony Rides
Photo Booth
Toddler Obstacle Course
Playground Becomes a Pumpkin Patch
Shuffeboard Table in Beer Garden
DJ Tim Council

Parking & Drop Off

Both the front and back gates will be staffed for members and their guests to check in. Once the parking lots are full, which will be early, we will post a sign on Aviary Drive. Members are welcome to pull up at either gate to drop off guests who might not want the longer walk from the street. All we ask is that the driver stays with the car. Elite Security will be overseeing the front parking lot. 



Oktoberfest is a membership benefit! Guests are welcome when accompanied with the member. Guests are $10 per person or use a guest pass. Guests who are under 4 years are free. Guest passes are available at the Aviary front desk.


Games & NEW THIS YEAR Photobooth & Pumpkin Patch

4 person climbing wall, 4 person quad pod, 4 player wrecking ball game, 5 different carnival games, astrojump, toddler obstacle course, hand led pony rides, henna tattoo artist, giant 12 person LED foosball table, hi-striker,

NEW THIS YEAR photobooth, guess the pumpkins weight plus a shuffleboard table in beer garden. NEW THIS YEAR, the playground is becoming a pumpkin patch ($2 per child to choose a pumpkin to take home). Music provided by our favorite DJ Tim Council. Some activities have height and/or weight requirements.


Craft Beer & Wine Garden & NEW THIS YEAR, Mocktails of Cranberry Cooler & Mojitos.

We are serving Stone Buenavez, Iron Fist Blood Orange IPA, 

Saint Archer Blonde & Harland Hazy IPA (brewed right here in Scripps Ranch) plus chardonnay, cabernet & rose. Purchase drinks tickets presale at Aviary front desk or during the event in the beer garden. Alcohol available while supplies last. No refunds on unused tickets. $4 per ticket cash or Club office charge. This is a 21 and older area & adults need to stay in the garden while consuming the beverages. Per the alcohol permit, personal alcohol is not allowed in the Aviary facility during our event. 


No Personal Alcoholic Drinks Allowed in Aviary During Oktoberfest. 

Personal Food and Nonalcoholic Drinks are Welcomed.  

Per our alcohol permit, no personal alcohol is allowed at Aviary during Oktoberfest. Members are welcome to bring in their own food & nonalcoholic drinks. Each food truck will also offer nonalcoholic beverages for purchase.  


Reserving Tables

Tables are available on a first come basis. The employees of the Club will not monitor the items left unattended, nor will we stop anyone from removing the items. As we set up, we reserve the right to move any tables, chairs, blankets left unattended. Kids under 21 will not be allowed to enter the beer garden (basketball court). This is a popular event and we want everyone to have a good time, please DO NOT take more space than you need.


Any questions? Contact the front desk at 271-6222. PROST!

FREE Bales of Hay

Members are welcome to come take any of the bales of hay for FREE

Sun, October 6th  - Wed, October 9th.

The hay will be gone on Thursday.