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AquaFit (L1-3): Classes will offer a great low impact aerobic workout that will help you gain strength, muscle and lean muscle  through a variety of workouts including HIIT, deep water, strength and endurance training. Buoys and Noodles are provided, you are more than welcome to bring your own equipment.

Beginner Strength Training (L1-2): Muscle is the fountain of youth! Are you new to strength training or unsure about proper form? Join Heidi for 30 minutes of dumbbell training and get a full-body workout. This class will be coached, full of motivation and effective exercises

Bootcamp (L2-3): A balance of cardio, resistance training & functional flexibility. This class also includes functional fitness, such as using whole-body, multijoint exercises that simulate everyday movements.

Circuit Training (L 1-3): Full Body Circuit Training. 8 muscle-bearing exercises, targeting differing muscle groups, 45 seconds on/20 off.  3 rounds, with 2 minutes of cardio in between. 2x’s Finishing class with a Plank Challenge and stretch. All other Circuits will train two to three muscle groups for that particular class, the same format. Shoulders/Back. Biceps/Triceps/Chest. Legs/Abs

Essentrics (L1-2): Strengthens & stretches every muscle in the body eccentrically, rebalancing the muscular structure in continuous rotational movements. It incorporates various techniques including PNF & isotonic movement while systematically working every joint in the body.

Feel Good Yoga (L1-3): Feel Good Yoga will guide you through the process of “slowing down.” When we move with awareness we can observe ourselves from the inside out. In these classes we will move with the breath and move with an intention of gratitude. Finding and feeling the way “your body” needs to move in order to feel good.


Gentle Yoga and Mindful Yoga (L1-3): Yoga practice with a compassionate approach, encouraging movement at a slower, comfortable pace, with less intense positions with emphasis on acceptance, while focusing attention to what is happening in the body and mind in the present moment. Includes more warm up movements with postures held for longer times without raising your heart rate.  Modifications are offered and welcome to all fitness levels.

High Low Fitness (L2-3): High Fitness has brought aerobics back in a hip and unique way, and the world is taking notice. Think old aerobics meets modern cardio and toning. You’ll have a blast and see results mentally and physically.

Joint Mobility Training (L1): JMT focuses on slow, controlled techniques using a range of motion to enhance the function of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. It's perfect for all fitness levels and can improve mobility for any sport or daily activities.

Mat Pilates (L1-3) & Power Pilates (L2-3): Increase core strength, flexibility and body awareness. Light weights, bands, mini loops and Pilates ball may be used to keep you mind and body guessing. 

MELT (L1): A simple self-treatment technique that helps prevent pain, heal injury & erase the negative effects of aging active living. Using MELT Hand & Foot Treatment Balls & a MELT Soft Roller, you can learn how to reduce joint pain & muscle tension with self-treatment techniques that rehydrate your connective tissue & rebalance your nervous system.

MetaFit (L2-3): Formed by a former Royal Marine Commando and an international gymnast in 2010, MetaFit is the original group X HIIT workout. 30 minutes of non choreographed, bodyweight only workouts that set your metabolism on fire.

Pilates Strength (L1-3): This fusion-style workout combines the muscle-building benefits of strength training with the mobility and core-strengthening benefits of pilates.

Pumped Up Strength (L2-3): is a revolutionary new approach to group resistance training that will: challenge you body in new ways. Rev your metabolism and build stronger muscles. Increase bone density and overall caloric expenditure.

Slow Flow Yoga (L1-2): The pace is meditative, emphasizing peach and calm in the body and mind. Poses will be held longer, several rounds of breath in each posture will create a mind/body connection.

Spin (L1-3): Saddle up and experience an enjoyable and effective cardio workout. The joy of spinning is that you are in complete control of your resistance. There will be hills, intervals and sprints to push and challenge you.

Total Body Strength (L1-3): If you’re looking for a confidence boost, this is the workout for you. It’s all about building strength and power in this full body workout.

Turbo Sport (L2-3): An energizing and uplifting. This workout will push you out of your comfort zone with HIIT challenges and strength pushes. Turbo Kick is added in to create a “Friday Energy.” This class is a party, what a great way to end your week. 

UpBeat Barre (L1-3): Bring out your inner ballerina with UpBeat Barre! Combining pilates, yoga and strength training, this class is sure to provide a full body workout with a focus on muscle endurance. You’re sure to love the music, the easy to follow moves and the burn.

Vinyasa Flow (L1-3): Consciously linking the movement of the body to the movement of breath, this is a dynamic flowing practice.

Yin Yoga (L1): Suitable for all levels, Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to dynamic, athletic activities. In this practice, passive postures are held for several minutes to target the connective tissues of the body, which are accessed when the surrounding muscles relax. Props are encouraged to gradually find more depth in each pose.  Find stillness and restore yourself as you care for your fascia, ligaments, and joints through calm and peaceful stretches.

Yoga and Sound Healing (L1) : In this class, you are invited to relax and reset for the week. This class starts with a short guided meditation, followed by 10-15 minutes of gentle yoga postures to help ease the mind into being ready to relax. Following gentle yoga postures, you will be invited to lie down during a 25-35 minute sound bath. A sound bath typically includes crystal and metal singing bowls and other various instruments to create a relaxing soundscape. You are invited to bring a pillow or blanket, anything to allow you to be comfortable and supported during this offering.

Zumba (L1-3):  Burn calories and have fun with Latin inspired dance moves suitable for all. Each full body workout consists of warm up, higher paced intervals, and easy to follow combinations.

Zumba Sculpt (L1-3): It combines targeted body-sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work with Latin-infused ZUMBA® moves to create a calorie-torching, strength-training dance fitness-party.

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