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9:30 Vinyasa Flow with Domenica

9:30 Box, Kick and Sculpt with Heidi

5:00pm Total Body Strength w/ Gina



5:00pm Pilates with Heidi



8:30am Slow Yoga with Terri

9:30 Total Body Strength with Heidi

5:00pm Cardio, Core and More w/ Gina



8:30am Vickie

5:00pm Vinyasa Flow with Heidi




11:00am Vinyasa Flow w/ Jacqueline

2022 Guest Passes are now Electronic

As in past years, memberships will start the year with 24 complimentary guests passes as a benefit of the club membership. We will no longer issue paper guest passes. Instead we are tracking them on your membership account profile.


Just like in the past, when you bring your guest into the club, just stop at the front desk and give your name, member number and your guest's name and we will do the rest. Everyone listed on your SRSRC member account has easy access to your account's passes.


After you use your 24 passes, it is still possible to purchase the yellow guest passes. These passes contain 12 more guest passes for $110 (12 passes for the cost of 11!) And, these passes never expire. Please contact Tish or Wendy Monday-Friday at the Aviary front office. Members are also able to office charge or pay cash for individual guests.

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