Specialty classes are currently suspended. (updated 7-13-20)

Specialty classes are offered to members & nonmembers for an additional costs 

Training for Seniors with Rudy Spencer

Helps ease arthritis
improve cardiovascular health
helps to prevent type II diabetes
helps prevent hypertension or improve current hypertension
Helps with depression
Helps to improve your overall quality of life. 
Program will include a collection of exercises for mobility, strength, cardio, and core. We will meet 2 times a week. Email to join at rudy.spencer@att.net or call at 858-774-5944.

Rudy Spencer's Customized Stretching & Foam Rolling 

Rate $1.50 per minute

Call or text Rudy for an appointment (858)774-5944

Lifestyle and Weight Loss Coaching with Vicki Hubbard for $75 a month

What do you have to lose? DO YOU:

Have the desire for change but don’t know where or how to start?

Start your day or week off the “right way” but then find yourself faltering under stress, boredom or fatigue?

Need the tools to create real positive change but don’t know which ones?

Whether you need to lose just a little, or a little more, you can expect the following:

A personalized plan to get your fitness and wellness routine under control for the first 30 days and strategies for behavior change, stress reduction and healthy eating opportunities. A YEAR FROM NOW YOU WILL WISH YOU STARTED TODAY

Live Well at the Speed of Life! VICTORIA HUBBARD NASM CPT/CES, ACE BCS/WMS Living Well Ventures (619) 206-5970

Vicki Hubbard's Pain Free Living

Attention athletes, weekend warriors or want to be fit fans:

Do you suffer from weak back, achy knees, stiff hips or sore shoulders and neck?  Then Coach Vickie's Pain Free system will help you learn exercises and systems to get back to yourself! Pain Free Program Includes: Postural Assessment to determine weak/tight areas of the body.  Four-Tiered Exercise Program Design to work with to correct issues.  Follow Up Session(s) to Progress Strength and Flexibility Vickie's programs are doctor referred.  Pain Free can also be used with Flex/HSA spending insurance accounts. Start for only $75



El Mirador

Open to Members & Nonmembers at an additional cost

Registration is required 


NeuroStrength MELT with Shauna Dok, Certified MELT Instructor

MELT NeuroStrength focuses on restoring the stabilization mechanisms of the shoulder and pelvic girdles, and reintegrating NeuroCore control. NeuroStrength simulates highly specialized hands-on neuromuscular techniques designed to reintegrate joint stability, erase compensatory patterns and restore optimal joint motion. Athletic and sports specific training tend to increase your chances of repetitive stress injuries if joint instability is present. In addition to the MELT Roller this class also uses a Resistance Band for some of the moves.


MELT has really helped my stiffness, pain, and body movement. I can't exactly explain how it works - but it really works! I started to have stiffness, joint pain, and the feeling that my body was not working efficiently and these symptoms gradually got worse over the years. Joint xrays and an MRI all looked fine even though I could feel an imbalance and wear & tear on my body. MELT has really helped my stiffness, pain, and body movement. I can't exactly explain how it works - but it really works! Through simple and precise movements with the roller and a band, my body becomes better aligned and I feel a lightness and economy of movement that is truly awesome!  I leave every class feeling like I have erased negative effects of aging within my body. Quite remarkable. We are very lucky to have this unique program offered through the club.   -Susan Caparosa

Interested in an Introductory Class, Private Single or Group Session? Contact Shauna Dok at 858-353-1967 or fitdok@icloud.com

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